Monday, May 9, 2022

Target Sports USA: Ammo Prime

 Today I want to over a great deal our good friends over at Target Sports USA have started up. If you haven’t checked them out before for ammunition you definitely need to because they offer one of the best selections and most affordable prices you will find on the internet whether in bulk or single boxes.

Target Sports USA developed what they call an “Ammo Prime Membershiptarget sports usa”. Those of you familiar with Amazon Prime will already probably be getting the idea. What this program offers is a shooters dream, especially when they don’t have a store with good ammo selection nearby. For one annual fee (right now in 2018 is $95) you will get wholesale pricing on ammunition as well as free shipping on all your orders. You also are privy to special sales and deals either before everyone else or will be specific to Ammo Prime members.

If you have bought ammunition online before usually the price evens itself out because of the shipping cost unless you buy in bulk and qualify for free shipping. Depending on how often you order free shipping is an amazing savings and will pay for your membership in no time.

Another great benefit is the wholesale pricing. As I mentioned if you have never checked them out before they already consistently have some of the or the lowest prices for some ammo around. With the wholesale pricing you are getting this ammunition at cost and saving you more. The lower ammo price alone can easily pay for the membership.

Something else really awesome that comes with this is the mystery ammo box that is sent out on the third quarter of the membership. The gift is decided by your actual purchase history and will be influenced by that and what you will receive. It’s a very cool deal and something you will definitely enjoy because you can’t beat free ammo!

The last main benefit is the special deals you will be contacted about. You will be informed of some special deals on ammo and of course get that free shipping to boot. It’s good for those of us waiting for a really good deal.

Overall the Ammo Prime deal is well worth the investment, especially if you are shooting a lot of ammunition. It is hard to beat the convenience of ordering online with free shipping and cheaper than any store around and having it dropped off at your home.

Target Sports USA does offer more than just great ammunition prices so check out the whole website. They offer everything from firearms to clothing and competitive prices on all of it. They have great customer service and a knowledgeable sales team so don’t hesitate to get a hold of them if you have any questions on any products or the Ammo Prime.

They have a good selection of optics if you need some new glass. They also sell barrels and gun parts which is very handy if you are trying to build your own rifle or AR platform.

If you are in need of a bug out bag or hunting pack they carry a full line of Drago Gear packs as well as other companies. The smaller ones are fantastic for hiking if you want to just go out on a trail for the day. There’s a pack for everyone.

As you can tell they offer everything a shooter, hunter, outdoorsman, or prepper could need. With their great ammo deals leading the way they’re a great company to get your supplies from. Check them out and check back often to see what new deals they have going on. Thanks for reading.


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